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Lemon Milk: A Typeface for the Modern Age

Imagine a font that encapsulates the principles of modern design: simplicity, clarity, and versatility. Now, combine that with an aura of refreshing vibrancy, and you’ve got Lemon Milk.

This typeface, created by Indonesian designer Ariq Sya, has captivated the hearts of designers worldwide, infusing projects with its distinctively clean and modern aesthetic.


The Lemon Milk Journey

Since its release in 2014, Lemon Milk has come a long way. Ariq Sya, the creative genius behind the font, has spent years refining and expanding this design. This devotion is evident in the precision of the lines, the balance of the letterforms, and the seamless interaction of the characters. Lemon Milk is a testament to the power of thoughtful design, proving that even the simplest elements can make a substantial impact.


Lemon Milk Font Character Map


The Power of Simplicity

At first glance, Lemon Milk may seem deceptively simple. This sans-serif typeface, available in four weights – Light, Regular, Bold, and Extra-Bold, is a masterclass in minimalism. Each character is stripped down to its most essential form, embodying a sense of clarity and openness that is characteristic of modern design.

Yet, within this simplicity, Lemon Milk boasts a distinct personality. Its letterforms, while geometric and uniform, possess an inherent rhythm that adds a dynamic quality to the text. This equilibrium between simplicity and character is what sets Lemon Milk apart.


Versatility in Practice

When it comes to versatility, Lemon Milk truly shines. Its clear and legible forms make it suitable for a variety of applications. From the bold headlines of a trendy website to the minimalist logo of a new startup, Lemon Milk seamlessly adapts to diverse design contexts.

In addition, the availability of multiple weights provides further flexibility. Need an elegant and subtle text element? Opt for Lemon Milk Light. Looking for a statement piece in your design? Lemon Milk Extra-Bold has got you covered.


Using Lemon Milk

Just a word of caution, though: while Lemon Milk is available for free for personal use, a license is required for commercial use. But given the font’s unique appeal and versatility, it’s certainly worth the investment.


Lemon Milk: More Than Just a Typeface

In a world filled with thousands of typefaces, Lemon Milk stands out, not just as a tool for communication, but as an embodiment of modern design principles. It demonstrates that even in the realm of typography, less can indeed be more.

So, the next time you embark on a design project, why not give Lemon Milk a try? Who knows? Its clean lines and modern charm might just be the refreshing touch your design needs.


Lemon Milk Font Details

Feature Detail
Foundry Marsnev™
Designer Ariq Sya
Release Year 2014
Font Style Sans-Serif
Number of Weights 4
Weight Names Light, Regular, Bold, Extra-Bold
Glyphs 74 glyphs / 182 characters
Supported Scripts Latin
Usage Recommendations Logos, Posters, Headlines, Display text
Availability Free for personal use, license needed for commercial use

The font contains characters from the following unicode character ranges: Basic Latin (93), Latin-1 Supplement (73), Latin Extended-A (2), General Punctuation (9), Currency Symbols (1).

Is Lemon Milk Free to Download?

YES - Lemon Milk is 100% free to download for personal use only. Lemon Milk might be available to use commercially. Check in the information box in the side bar. If you want to download this font for commercial use, then you might need to get special permission from the author. A large selection of fonts that we feature on HighFonts.com like Lemon Milk are free to use fonts. But if you can't find what you are looking for, then sometimes it makes sense to purchase a premium / paid for font.

It is sometimes the case that you won't be able to get permission to use free fonts like Lemon Milk for a commercial project. When this happens it can be a lot easier and cheaper to just buy a premium font and not have the hassle of trying to get a commercial license for a free font.

Note that there are a lot of websites that will say "Free Download" but these are just attempts to get you to click on a link which will either take you to an ad landing page or you risk getting viruses on your computer. In the rare occasion that you do find a free download for all uses for a font like Lemon Milk remember that it's illegal to use a font if you didn't get permission for it!

License Information for Lemon Milk

Copyright of Lemon Milk

Lemon Milk is the intellectual property of its respective author Ariq Sya, provided it is original, and is protected by copyright laws in many parts of the world.


Lemon Milk may be downloaded and used free of charge for both personal and commercial use, as long as the usage is not racist or illegal.

Personal use refers to all usage that does not generate financial income in a business manner, for instance:

  • personal scrapbooking for yourself
  • recreational websites and blogs for friends and family
  • prints such as flyers, posters, t-shirts for churches, charities, and non-profit organizations

Commercial use refers to usage in a business environment, including:

  • business cards, logos, advertising, websites for companies
  • t-shirts, books, apparel that will be sold for money
  • flyers, posters for events that charge admission
  • freelance graphic design work
  • anything that will generate direct or indirect income